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Retractable Stainless Steel Standing Microwave Oven Stand Kitchen Storage Rack

  • MR02
  • Alunotec

Adjustable Microwave Oven Rack, saves kitchen space, keeps countertop tidy, offers a better kitchen life for you. No need to worry if the product size is suitable for the microwave, the retractable design gives you an adjustment from left to right in width. The size can be adjusted as needed. Moreover, you can place not only microwave or oven on it but also spice bottles, dishes and so on for it can bear the weight of nearly 30KG with high durability.   Its flexible design can bring more conveniences to you.

Product Name
Retractable Stainless Steel Standing Microwave Oven Stand Kitchen Storage Rack
Stainless Steel
Black or White
Surface Treatment
Gross/Net Weight 
Carton ,1PCS/CTN
1 Set

1. Is this structure sturdy enough?

Sure, the widened and thickened material and stable installation design make this system difficult to tilt and shake but also easy to install and remove, also convenient to clean up.

2. How about the load-bearing capacity?

Its bearing capacity is close to 30 KG. You can put the microwave or oven on it, as well as the dishes, spice bottles or any other kitchen utensils.

3. What’s the maximum height of the microwave or oven that I can place?

The maximum height of the microwave or oven is 36cm.

4. Is the sample available?

Yes, the sample can be offered. It is negotiable if you will place a large order.

If any question, please contact us in time.


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