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Build Your AlunoTec Football Pergola

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The quadrennial FIFA World Cup is here, and it's being held in Qatar.

AlunoTec Balcony Football Pergola#

I still remember the World Cup four years ago, when it was very lively and the games were played with great intensity. But every time I wanted to watch the game after work, I struggled with the lack of a comfortable place to watch the game without any worries.

But now I don't have any worries anymore because I have installed "AlunoTec Football Pergola" on my terrace.

AlunoTec Balcony Football Pergola#3

Every day after work, I cook some of my favorite meals at home, set up a dining table, refill a few beers, let the projector project the day's game on the roll-up screen with the Pergola, and enjoy the excitement of the World Cup with my own family. 

Sometimes I get together with my family and friends in this space built by Pergola to talk about family life and have a good time.

AlunoTec Balcony Football Pergola#10

AlunoTec is holding the "Build Your football pergola" World Cup promotion. 

AlunoTec Balcony Football Pergola#6

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