DIY Customized 
   20 Years Warranty
10x10 pergola
Bring Exquisite Outdoor Garden Living to Millions of Families.

Pergo-Lux Upgrade Point

Our pergolas withstand extreme weather, Such as Category 17 hurricanes. Enjoy year-round outdoor use with added home value and aesthetic appeal.

    Material Upgrade:

    A Aluminum 6063T6 is harder, stronger, and 20-30% cheaper than 6063T5.
  • Premium Coating:

    AkzoNobel powder lasts 5-7 years, offers superior corrosion and weather resistance, and is 4-5 times more expensive. Ideal for coastal or severe weather areas.
  • Single Maximum Size Range:

    Supports up to 4.5x6m pergola with 4 posts.
  • Superior Durability:

    Pergo-Lux withstands winds of 180-220 km/h and snow loads of 60-80cm for 3mm thick beams, posts, and a heavy-duty connector system.

Additional Components for Your AlunoTec Pergola

Customize for sun, rain, sound, warmth, and privacy. Enhance your outdoor experience year-round with these components.

AlunoTec Pergola Model Comparison

Choose the pergola style that suits you. Pergo-Lux offers 3D design to perfectly match your home's architecture and unique taste.

Mobile Phone Control

Operate your AlunoTec Pergola with your smartphone. Open, close, and adjust settings anytime with a touch.

Remote Control

Use the remote to adjust your AlunoTec Pergola. Open, close, and customize settings easily.

Multi-Functional Pergolas to Meet Your Every Need

lOur pergolas create spaces for lounging, kitchens, offices, gyms, pet areas, and more. Enjoy every moment.
Poolside Shade
Stay cool and comfortable under a pergola by your pool; enjoying the sun without worrying about sunburn.
Expand Your Living Area
Pergolas create extra space for lounging, dining, or entertaining. Choose from louver shade options for year-round comfort.
Outdoor Kitchen
Design your dream BBQ space with a weatherproof pergola cover. Perfect for poolside parties or family gatherings.
Create an inviting comfortable outdoor dining area for your restaurant or hotel with a beautiful pergola.
 AlunoTec Global Showroom
Book a visit to a nearby showroom and experience our products up close!
 One-Stop Patio Shop
Get your complete patio setup at AlunoTec. Buy a pergola with matching blinds and furniture. Save time and money with full after-sales support.
 AlunoTec Support
Pre-assembling reports, quality inspection, logistics tracking, installation guidance, and product warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Easy Ordering Process:
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    Contact AlunoTec Team--Share Your Details--Get Quote--Receive 3D Rendering--Confirm Order--Production--Shipping
  • Is the Pergola Easy to Assemble?
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    Absolutely! We provide a customized assembly manual tailored to your project site, along with clear 3D assembly videos to guide you. This pergola is designed as a DIY product, making it easy and convenient to assemble.
  • Do I Need A Permit to Build A Pergola?
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    For standalone structures like pergolas, garden rooms, sheds, or carports, you typically don’t need a permit as long as they meet local size restrictions. If a building permit is required, we will assist you in gathering the necessary documents to expedite and simplify the approval process.
Have questions? We're here to help! Email or call us with your details, and we'll find the best outdoor solution for you.

Get Inspired for Your Pergola Design

Simply provide a photo of your space and your ideas, and we’ll create a complete scene for you. You'll receive a design rendering for easy comparison, showing the before and after transformation.

AlunoTec For You

At AlunoTec, we set the standard in outdoor living with high-quality, durable aluminum pergolas tailored to your unique needs. Our customizable designs include features like glass sliding doors and adjustable louvers for ultimate flexibility. With a focus on innovation, exceptional customer service, and sustainability, AlunoTec transforms your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional extension of your home. Choose AlunoTec for a premium outdoor living experience.
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