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Waterproof Aluminum pergola System With Side Sun Screen

Alunotec's Aluminum Opening Roof System can keep your outdoor living environment weatherproof. Open to enjoy sunshine or close for waterproof, it is easily controlled by motorized system.

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Waterproof  Aluminum Opening Roof System

Company Information

Aluno’s  automatic adjustable loure pergola , also known as Patio Pergola

 is provided by Aluno Building Material Co.,Ltd from China who is dedicated to offer unique and perfect

roofing solutions catering for a variety of customer demands in the market today.



Product Description

 Pergola LUX is AlunoTec’s latest design Aluminum Adjustable Shade Pergola System which boasts a modern and sleek look.

It’s a combination between pergolas and horizontal louver roof which is completely made of aluminum and allows light and breeze when open. 


Using an electric motor system and aluminum extrusions specially designed,the louver blades of the covered pergola are closed completely to prevent the sunlights and rain.The heavy-duty internal accessories ensure the wholes system to withstand severe climatic changes and

winds of  up to 100Km/h. Side Screen, Linear Strip LED Lights and Heater are available. 

How it works

How it work


Framework Main Beam Extruded from 6063 Solid and Robust Aluminum Construction
Gutter Complete with Gutter and Rain Spout for Inbuilt PVC Downpipe
Louvres Blade Size 202mm Aerofoil Type Available, Waterproof Eeffictive Design
Pivot Bolt  Highly Durable aluminum with PP Blade End Caps
Other Componentries Heavy-duty internal fittings, Plastic bush, SS Grade Stainless Steel Screws
Typical Finishes Durable Powdercoated  for Exterior Application
Colors Options White or Grey 




Design Options




Electric Motor 110V Or 230V
Thrust 600N
Travel Distance 300mm
Driving Speed 4mm/s
Remote Control 1 Channel or 5 Channel
Linear Strip LED Lights Yellow(3000K), White(4000K)
Maximum width of Side Screen 5m
Maximum height of Side Screen 3m
Color Options




Gallery Showcase




Our pergola design is powder coated, extruded aluminum with stainless steel components giving us the most durable louvered roof on the market today. 



 For the 202mm louver blade with groove for lighting, its longest blade spanning capacity can be up to 4.5m. 



Yes, pergola covers can be attached to an existing structure or erected as a free-standing unit!



The patio pergola features two standard colors options(white and grey)that compliment almost any architecture. Available in hundreds of custom colours from RAL color chart 

for unique application purposes. 



Pergola Canopy has been specifically engineered to withstand hurricane force winds(100km/h), heavy snow loads(200mm thickness), and everything in between. Its durable and can outcompete most of the competitors on the market today!



Sunshading and rain protection. Outdoor Pergola will make the most of your outdoor space. You can have shade at the touch of a button while still being able to let the 

sunshine in when it is preferred. With the built in gutter system, you have shelter from the rain as well.



We offer 5-8year warranty on the structure, along with a 1-year warranty on the electronics. 



Not really, Pergola Roof has been designed to be completely flexible so it can be customized to each project. We will assist in designing

 the length and direction of the louvers to best fit your area. 



We also offer an Linear Strip LED Lights system, Heater,Side Screen an automatic wind/rain sensor that will automatically close the roof when it starts raining.

 If you have any further ideas we encourage you to share them with us.








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