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3 Perspectives on | Should You Build A Pergola If You Live in The Bay Area?

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① Climate Issues

1) Is the climate suitable?

In the Bay Area, it is generally mild, with warm summers and cool winters.

While the Bay Area enjoys sunny days, a pergola can provide partial shade and help protect you and your furniture from direct sunlight.

You can comfortably enjoy the outdoors without being fully exposed to the elements.

pergola for swimming

2) How can I deal with the effects of sun, wind and rain on my outdoor structure?

Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause materials (especially fabrics and wood) to fade over time. UV rays can cause color changes and deterioration of finishes.

High temperatures: can affect the structural integrity and appearance of some materials and may lead to warping, cracking or other damage.

Strong winds: can exert forces on outdoor structures, including gazebos. Freestanding structures or those with large surface areas may become unstable or damaged. If you want to install a large size, under strong winds, I recommend either mounting against a wall or choosing a heavy duty aluminum!

* Prolonged exposure to rain may lead to water damage, especially for materials such as wood. This includes problems such as rot, mold and decay. *

backyard pergola

②Aesthetics and Functionality

1) Is there a need to improve the outdoor space in terms of "software"?

Furniture: Purchase comfortable and durable outdoor furniture such as lounge chairs, sofas, and dining tables and chairs. In addition, consider using weather-resistant materials such as barnwood and aluminum to prolong the service life.

Plants: Incorporate plants and flowers to add color and freshness. Choose plants that are appropriate for your climate. Use potted plants, hanging baskets, or create vertical gardens to maximize space!

Lighting: You can also install ambient lighting to create a cozy atmosphere at night. String lights, lanterns and solar garden lights are popular choices.

A tip: Add a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to keep warm and it will be a great focal point for your patio!

pergola shade

2) Should I add some functionality to my patio?

If you have a patio or deck that's even better! Take advantage of the mild climate and use glassdoor glass doors to seamlessly connect the indoor and outdoor areas.

Or transform the pergola into an OUTDOOR kitchen or dining area. Install a grill, countertops, and dining room furniture to create a functional and stylish outdoor cooking and dining space.

Are you considering a spa in your backyard? A pergola can be used to cover a hot tub or spa, providing a shaded, private area for relaxation. Customize the pergola - adapt it to the size and shape of the spa.

backyard discovery pergola

③Is There Time To Maintain The Backyard?

If you already have a general design idea for your backyard, let's consider maintenance next!

Living in the Bay Area, you will want to choose materials that are as maintenance free as possible. With plenty of moisture most of the year, wood may not be the ideal material for building a pergola. Heavy-duty aluminum is highly recommended.

An aluminum cover will be much stronger than wood, and if you are on higher ground or want to build on a penthouse, an aluminum pergola will perform well with higher wind speeds and snow loads.

modern pergola


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