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04 - 04
How To Choose The Right Pergola for Your Backyard?
When choosing the perfect pergola for your backyard, there are a variety of factors to consider to ensure that it effectively complements your outdoor living space. The first thing to determine is the following. The primary purpose of the pergolaIs it for shade, added privacy, or to enhance the bea
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04 - 02
3 Perspectives on | Should You Build A Pergola If You Live in The Bay Area?
3 Perspectives on | Should you build a pergola if you live in the Bay Area?① Climate Issues1) Is the climate suitable?In the Bay Area, it is generally mild, with warm summers and cool winters.While the Bay Area enjoys sunny days, a gazebo can provide partial shade and help protect you and your furn
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02 - 29
10 Amazing AlunoTec Pergola Backyard Ideas (Part Two)
Continuing with our journey to redefine outdoor living with AlunoTec pergolas, here are five more inspiring ideas to beautify your backyard and make it a versatile extension of your home.6. Cozy Reading NookTransform a corner of your backyard under the pergola into a cozy reading nook. Add comfortab
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02 - 27
10 Amazing AlunoTec Pergola Backyard Ideas (Part One)
Are you looking for inspiration to transform your backyard into a breathtaking outdoor space? AlunoTec pergolas offer endless possibilities to turn your backyard into more than just an outdoor area—it becomes a lifestyle statement. Here are the first five innovative ideas to elevate your outdoor liv
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02 - 20
How to Install Louvers for Optimal Afternoon Sun Shade in Ireland Outdoor Areas?
In Ireland, a land celebrated for its ever-changing skies and lush landscapes, designing outdoor living spaces is not just a matter of style, but a way of life. Enter AlunoTec pergolas – a perfect harmony of function and beauty, tailored to the unique Irish culture, climate, and terrain. , with its
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