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A garden flower polycarbonate greenhouse for your own.

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   After 85 girls in Dongguan City, Guangdong, a suburb of shilong in Dongguan, an orchard, looking for a piece of space, hand-built a flower room, conservation of plants to her favorite succulent plants.

   Looking for suppliers of assembled flower greenhouses room, she found a local supplier, AlunoTec, with their help and support to assemble and build her own flower room, and then planted and arranged plants. Everything is worthy!

     With half a year of experience of flower nursery, Ms. Zhang accumulated a lot of experience, such as the flowering room must have crates, upper put flowers, lower kettle and flower pot. 
  Except raising flowers, but also kinds of vegetables, their species, their own food. She does not understand what is organic, but never used fertilizer and pesticides, leaves on the insects are her own hand to take away.
    Now, Zhang Rui only two days a week to take care of the flower room, watering, fertilizing, pruning, finishing ... every day at least 12 hours of coaxial labor. In peacetime, she plans and prepares more similar plant experiments in the city, and learns to keep everything she needs in a long time.  
  What you can not imagine is that this weak woman, who has fallen into a flower-room and a succulent plants, was the world's leader in the abstract symbol world of op amps, oscillators, and FFTs.

    In the flower of love, flower greenhouse is undoubtedly the best view of flowers, in terms of Ms. Zhang, it is approached a way of nature. "Before, I would go to many places to see a lot of flowers and trees. Now, I do not leave, stay in the flower house, where I want to get close to nature.”
    Met the flower room, feel the years quiet good.


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