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Aluminum Gazebo Motorized Pergola And Carport

Views:10036     Author:www.alunotec.com     Publish Time: 2019-09-26      Origin:www.alunotec.com Inquire

Aluminum Carport Canopy

From the selection and construction of one of the cores of the Aluminum Carport, we will introduce the sturdiness of the parking shed.

AlunoTec aluminum carports are available in four styles: Single, Y carport, M shape carport, and Pull-back carport. Among them, the specifications of the carport column are different. In addition to the connection of the column and the roof, the frame part is strengthened with the built-in steel structure to make the whole frame system more secure. The other parts are made of high-strength 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. For example, the wall thickness of the simple star style is 2.2mm-3.8mm.

Carport Canopy

In the construction process, the first is to dig the pit and bury the column. AlunoTec has always required that the pillar pit must be 70 cm deep and 60 cm wide to ensure that the pillars can be poured into a sufficient amount of cement.

After the cement is poured, waiting for its natural solidification, followed by the restoration of the ground, AlunoTec will try to restore the original ground, so that the owners can feel more peace of mind.

When the cement solidifies, the entire carport is installed at one time, and in the next 30 years, Supreme Carl promises that the skeleton will not fade and will not rust. The overall carport can resist 12 typhoons and 20-50mm thick snow.

Polycarbonate Sheet Carport


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