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Aluminum Pergola Louvre Roof Outdoor

Views: 72     Author: Alunotec     Publish Time: 2017-02-10      Origin: Site Inquire

                               Enjoy your outdoor living space in any weather

                                            --Aluminum Pergola Outdoor

                 Our louvre systems allow you to let in light when the sun is shining 

     and shelters you when it rains.


                 With the simple button of remote control,  you can control the ambient                          temperature surrounding your pergola. Let in as much or as little light as you

     like.Protect yourself when the sun is at its strongest or when a storm rolls in. 

                 Our louvers allow you to ventilate your outdoor living space while protecting you          from the elements. There are two series, Pergoeco & Pergolux for you to choose better design for your house or your outdoor space, welcome to contact us to pick one!