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Aluminum Pergola with PVDF Coating to Resist Ocean Salty

Views: 10071     Author:     Publish Time: 2019-05-27      Origin: Inquire

Aluminum Pergola

Many people live in near an ocean, and they are thinking if our aluminum pergola can resist the salty. We have to say that’s a good question, because everyone want to buy a product which is durable. 

What we would like to say is we can offer better surface treatment on aluminum pergola, that is PVDF Coating. It is a better coating way to resist salty and harsh environment. 

PVDF Coated Pergola

We have different project from the place where near the ocean, all our pergola is working well and have not get fade within 3 years, warmly welcome to contact us to get more information about louvre pergola.

As long as you can send us the measurement and some photos on site, we can offer very professional drawing to you to check if the pergola can suit your place.

Different Project-Pergola