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Aluminum Polycarbonate Carport

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Aluminum Polycarbonate Carport, is a kind of customized product if need, this is in order to meet different needs according to the site situation.

As you can see from the picture, if there is a front door surrounding by neighborhoods’ house walls & windows, they won’t like their windows to be blocked. Thus, a Y shape carport design will make great help to achieve the sun-shading cover effect. Besides, this kind of carport will help to protect people from rains and any object falling from high altitudes.

Some houses will have nonrectangular roof shape, thus, a flexible kind of roof product will be preferred. After adding a carport shape, the roof can be made into a good extra living area.

What’s more, many houses will have a front or back yard where is an empty area, what a waste of space! People can customize the carport as need, a modern carport can highlight the house and garden environment a lot!

A carport cover is a stable view for the house, so why not try one?

Aluminum Carport