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Aluminum Polycarbonate Greenhouse Introduction

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Aluminum Polycarbonate Greenhouse refers to the Polycarbonate board for lighting materials greenhouse, a greenhouse,
in cultivation facilities, Polycarbonate greenhouse as the longest life of a form suitable for a variety
of areas and a variety of climatic conditions .

The industry is divided into the size of the size of the span and the bay is not the construction model,
but also in different ways of use are divided into: vegetable greenhouse, flowers greenhouse,
nursery greenhouse, ecological greenhouse, scientific research greenhouse, three-dimensional greenhouse,
shaped greenhouse, leisure greenhouse, intelligence greenhouse and so on.

Its size and use of the greenhouse can be the main free deployment, the smallest courtyard leisure type,
a large height of up to 10 meters or more, the span of up to 16 meters, up to 10 meters maximum,
intelligent level can reach a key control.

Aluno Building Polycarbonate greenhouse greenhouse heating problems in winter, in addition to its own
insulation function, but also can use a variety of heating methods, the center of its energy costs, most can accept.

Polycarbonate greenhouse greenhouse structure, including the greenhouse base, aluminum alloy structure and PC sun panels.
Basic classification Greenhouse base consists of independent column foundation and strip foundation two.
The independent foundation can be used for inner column or side column, strip foundation is mainly
used for side wall and inner partition.

Design requirements Because the material itself is relatively lightweight, suitable for cement and soil
and other places, there is no limit.

Polycarbonate greenhouse ventilation purpose is mainly to exclude the greenhouse waste heat and
greenhouse water, adjust the greenhouse air composition, remove harmful gases,
so that the greenhouse environment temperature, humidity and air conditions suitable for plant growth requirements.

Perennial cold regions in China's greenhouse, in extreme climatic conditions, the need for auxiliary heating equipment.
Greenhouse heating time is not the same.

The advantages of greenhouse: a large area lighting, light uniform; use of a long time, the intensity is relatively high;
has a strong anti-corrosion, fire-retardant; 85% of the light can be normal use for more than 10 years.
Polycarbonate Greenhouse 1Polycarbonate Greenhouse 2
Polycarbonate Greenhouse 3


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