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Garden Shading Solution - Pergola

Views: 988897     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-19      Origin: Site Inquire

Afternoon, in the Mike and Janes garden

M: Jane, I think we should build a shading roof in our garden. We can use the garden for party.

J: Good idea! Whats your plan?

M: I don’t know. Let me search in Google.


Evening, in the living room

M: Jane, come on! I found a great product, they call it motorized pergola.

J: Really? Let me see. Um......looks nice! It can match LED lights and roller side screen. We can use it for a room.

M: Yes, white color is more suitable for our garden.

J: Contact them-- Alunotec.


Two month later.

M: Jane, we have a pergola room in our garden, let’s invite our friends to our house. Let’s party!

J: Dear, I will. How about tomorrow?

M: OK, I will call them. But first of all, we will send an email for thanking Alunotec. They do a good job!