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How to build a Pergola

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Alunotec'd like to offer pergola plans to help you know how to build a pergola that provide shelter from harmful UV rays and inclement weather.

Our patio pergola will allow you maximize the use of your outdoor living area. Enjoy the adaptability and functionality pergola covers has to offer. Envision your space with a stylish and unique structure that will stand the test of time and add value to your home.

Aluminum Pergola-.jpg

1. Assemble pergola's frame

Material and tools:

A. Horizontal beam

B. Pivot beam

C. Big corner connector

D. Small corner connector

E. Post connector

F. M10*235 Bolt, Nut, Cap

G. Hex Wrench

H. Tape

aluminum pergola frame.jpg

2. Assemble the posts to make Pergola Covers free-standing

Material and tools:

A. Post

B. Base plate

C. M8*16 Hex screw

D. M10*100 anchor bolt

E. Hex Wrench

F. Gradienter

pergola kits.jpg

3.Assemble the Aluminum Gutter 

Material and tools:

A. Gutter

B. PVC downpipe 

C. DN40 joint elbow

D. ST3.5x25 self tapping screw

E. Silicone sealant, glue gun

aluminum gutter.jpg

assemble blade.jpg

4.Assemble the Louvre Blade 

Using remote control to control direction of sunlight by simply turning your louvers.

Material and tools:

A. Louver Blades

B. Pivot pin 1 & 2

C. End cap with drive arm

D. Hex screw

E. M10 customized cap

louvre blade.jpg

pergola blade.jpg

6.Assemble the Control Arm to make louvre blade adjust angle 

Material and tools:

A. Control Rod

B. Plastic spacer

C. Plastic washer

D. M6*35 screw

aluminum control arm.jpg

5.Assemble the hidden Electric Motor

Material and tools:

A. Motor

B. Motor base bracket

C. M8*20 Hex screw

D. M4*20 screw

Electric Motor.jpg

7.Fully Finished Pergola Plans

Pergola designs with optional side blinds, Linear Strips LED Lights and Heater from Alunotec.

pergola designs.jpg


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