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I Need Carports

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I need a Carport, really need.  After you know what I suffered, you will agree.

Our family have 3 cars, one for my father, one for my mother, and one is for me. Actually, if we have some relatives or friends visiting, we will have more than 3 cars together. We live in the city centre, the parking area is always full! Although we have an empty yard to park the cars, but as there is no any cover, people always think it is a public place. So we need a M shape carport which can park 3 cars together, so people will know that it is our own parking area. 

What a convenient ideas!

Large M Type Carport

My uncle lives in another place where is always snowing, so I don’t want to visit him a lot, as the snow will block the road, and will get my car frozen. My uncle always complains this. Thus, if I can get him a carport to protect my cars from snow, I will feel happy to visit him.

In my hometown, I have a small villa where has great countryside view, but also the sun lights is very strong in this area as there is no tall buildings to block the sun lights. But we want to spend the summer time sometimes in that villa, my Children and pets love that. So I really need a carport cover to be fixed on the back yard desk, it is also rainproof type carport, but doesn’t cost us too much money, as we don’t use it a lot.

So I need carports. How about you?

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