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PERGOLA Factory Study Experience

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PERGOLA Factory Study Experience 

- to View, to Learn; to be more professional, to obtain Aluno customer satisfaction.


      Pergola, is a kind of motorized louver blade roof system to provide us outdoor controllable sun-shading comfortable environment. Aluno is never stop to invest related specialized knowledge, because we not only seek to be the most professional supplier on sun-shading products out of worldwide customer care, but also hope to find out any possible and potential imperfection to improve, as a result of that our Aluno pergola can always be our customers'“preferred choice”.

      On May 8th and 9th, Aluno sent us four members to the factory to do further study on Pergolas details, from the store of all kind of pergolas materials to pergolas production lines, from pergolas kits to pergolas assemble, we checked into each part of the whole system. Within the two days, we learned how to prepare the materials of each section of an aluminum pergola, how to combine each section into a whole motor control pergolas operating system, what is the limitation of our current pergola system, and what part of the motorized louvers blade roof system we should improve in the near future.

      From the enclosed pictures, you can see how serious we are, even the girls are hands-on the installation. We believe each salesman and technician people in Aluno can provide our customers with professional service as well our good cost-effective quality pergola products.

pergolas materials store.jpg

pergola cutting machine.jpg

pergola assemble.jpg

pergolas assemble.jpg



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