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Polycarbonate Patio Cover for Outdoor Sun Rain Protection

Views: 10041     Author:     Publish Time: 2020-11-09      Origin: Inquire

We would prefer to spend more time in our veranda and garden in Summer. It is important to take good care of our veranda furniture for it to last as many summers as possible. Both wood furniture or sofa can take a lot of damage, both in winter and in summer. This can be due to rain, wind, hail, snow, sun and so on.


Some would choose furniture cover to protect furniture but it is troublesome to remove every day. Also we could only seat at night due to hot furniture under the sun. So, why not choose a polycarbonate veranda cover


Polycarbonate roof is used for either covering areas in the around Patios, garden and backyard, veranda or for carports. Alunotec heat insulation polycarbonate veranda could block out 98% harmful UV rays and more than 70% heat rays. It protects the furniture from discoloring. Besides, we find that the temperature gap between furniture under polycarbonate roof and exposed to the sun could be 15°C distance.