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The origin of greenhouse

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Home garden greenhouse originated in Canada, the first wooden sun room, through years of technological improvements or difficult to widely promote. why? First of all, you are common in the outdoor wood preservatives have to maintain aging weathering very quickly, if long-term maintenance, then do not maintain the rotten rot, and now do solid wood sun room is generally used pine drying technology, if done interior decoration Really good material, but the sun room to do another matter, and many customers do not agree that the high price of things like the general sun room at the top of the glass are in the southern city is not very obvious but in the north there Great difference, and winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the summer is the same greenhouse effect, the top glass like car glass as sweat, coupled with the sun evaporation of water are absorbed by the wood, once again been baked dry so - called solid wood sun room Slowly decay deformation.
Our greenhouse has the characteristics of winter heat preservation, summer heat insulation, high light transmittance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, impact resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance and so on. Suitable for flowers in greenhouse. Small flower greenhouse is the family of choice for flowers, so that your love flower to withstand the four seasons of the cold Chill.

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