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Perfect Match Retractable Roof With Glass Folding Door

Views: 10000     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-01      Origin: Site Inquire

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Last August, the customer found our company and hoped to start project cooperation with us. The customer has a professional technical installation team and has great ideas for on-site installation. I don't think you can imagine the initial scene and the scene of installing our retractable roof and folding doors.

Customers provide on-site pictures and drawings for our reference. We provide customers with practical solutions based on the feasibility of the drawings, and confirm the product design, parameters, profiles, and on-site load-bearing structure through multiple phone calls with the customer’s designer. After providing the drawings for confirmation, complete the production and delivery process. After the customer received the goods, the installation began in the garden of their own villa. After completing the installation, send us case pictures and videos. The scent of birds and flowers, coupled with our pavilion cover, is really a beautiful scenery.

Let us see the awesome view of the retractable roof awning!

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