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U.S. customer's experience in purchasing Aluminium Waterproof Pergola

Views: 10000     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-05      Origin: Site Inquire

Last Christmas, an American came to us. He said that the courtyard of his front house was too monotonous and wanted to buy one of our Aluminum Louvered Roof to decorate it.


After a week or so of communication, we confirmed the size, installation method, color and other details with the customer. Because there are restrictions on the customer's site, the electric pergola has to be reduced in size.  After the customer confirmed the order and paid the deposit, our designer quickly drew a detailed drawing suitable for the customer's site, and the final customer had to admire our service.

In addition, the customer also bought two heaters and a beam to hang the fan in our place. The customer chose a fan he likes to hang under the opening roofs. He said he wanted to blow the fan in the summer and enjoy the heater in the winter the warmth it brings.

What an amazing experience!!!

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