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Aluminum Glass Folding Door

Views: 10059     Author:     Publish Time: 2019-11-04      Origin: Inquire

Glass Folding Door

Aluminum glass folding door, as a popular application for modern commercial buildings, will surely provide very high-level experience for you. For example, here is one of Aluno company’s project cases in Chengdu, a KFC restaurant.

Traditional restaurant is with two sashes panel swing door, already being too normal to attract customers. Now you can see this KFC restaurant, with big folding door entrance, to show more space to customers while bring more lights into the room, not only the restaurant will look more fashion, but also people will feel closer with more willingness to get in to buy.

Folding door will also be popular for house patio, house partition and so on. Thus, open your mind, with big glass folding door, you will create special space!

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