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AlunoTec Louvre Frame - Factory Strength

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Many buyers have the experiences that it is hard to get the same quality goods as sample, well, we can’t say it is the problem from the seller, but it must be a problem if it is from a same factory but not good enough to do quality control.

AlunoTec Louvre frame has very good production environment to do quality control. Our factory is with good layout to ensure the production is smooth, we use experienced workers in each procedure, materials storage - machine cutting - assembling - QC - cleaning - packing - warehouse - shipping. Besides, considering different countries have possible different needs on design, we also have professional engineers so we can develop any new customized louver louver designs as need.

As a supplier with more than 10 years experience on manufacturing louvre window frame, we believe all the goods from our company are with the best quality.




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