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Louvre Frame

Views: 1129     Author: Alunotec     Publish Time: 2016-11-17      Origin: Alunote Inquire

     Aluno Louver frame has many models, among them the SF-200 model ishighest quality in Chinese market, even in the world range, making it popular to be applied in buildings from Australia, Malaysia, England, Philippine, Fiji, Thailand, some island countries, etc.
      SF-200 louver frame / glass jalousie / louvre parts, as most of the louver models, has clip options - 4” & 6” and normal color options - silver / brown / black / white. Its frame channel size is 35X16mm while having frame channel thickness 1.0mm and 1.2mm thickness as options. If your house is in a rain-belt, then SF-200 Louver will be your best choice, because it has terrific water-proof and elegant louver clip (blade holder) design. What’s more, its pulling bar system inside the frame channel is made by aluminum bars and steel adapting piece, which make it more durable - rustproof.
       Regarding to the size, one single set of SF-200 louver can reach about 2.5 Meter, connecting two or more sets, the whole louver gallery can reach the customized height as need, making a beautiful louver scene for your own or public environments.

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