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Beautifully Designed and Supremely Practical Window Shutter

Views:10044     Author:www.alunotec.com     Publish Time: 2019-10-21      Origin:www.alunotec.com Inquire

Glass Louvre Window

Window shutter, also called Louver and blind, most early originated from China during the Warring States Period. But modern shutter was developed by an American named John Hampson and was patented in 1841. From then window Louver was gradually popularized in western countries, particularly in Europe and America.


With it’s novel design and elegant appearance, modern shutter attracts a lot of people who advocate natural housing conditions. Decorative Louver Shutter makes house look more pretty on the outside and bring a comfortable feeling. But it’s practicality is far greater than ornamental value. 

Louver shutter has developed into many styles and systems after many reforms, bringing us more options which have their own distinct characteristics , such as beautiful wood window shutter, durable aluminum shutter and easily cleanable glass window shutter. 

Various as they are in feature, AlunoTec shutters are all in good quality and reasonable price, having a better performance than many other kinds of windows: easy to adjust, energy-saving, waterproof, dustproof. In modern times, customers are not satisfied with manual system any more and pursue more intelligent home furnishings. Our electric window shutters would cater the requirement well and meanwhile retain the outstanding features of manual shutter.

Louver Window Frame Shutter


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