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Details of SF-200 Aluminum Louver Frame

Views:34     Author:Jasmine (Alunotec)     Publish Time: 2017-05-26      Origin:Site Inquire

The Best Quality Louver Frame Model From China --- SF-200


      Do you know how to define louver frame? As you may know, there are many models of louver frames in current Chinese market, but which one is with the best quality??? Please read to learn more about details of SF-200 Aluminum Louver Frame from Alunotec~

      When comparing to the material, size, design, function, you will find out SF-200 louver frame from Alunotec is no doubt the best one. The U-frame size 35X16X1.0mm can meet the installation limitation of many environment; the pulling bar is made by aluminum which is rust-proof; the plastic clip design of SF-200 is with the best waterproof function.

      Below is a pictures to learn more about details of this model.

      If any interest about this SF-200 Aluminum Plastic Glass Window Frame, don't be hesitated to contact us!

SF-200 Details —— From Jasmine.jpg


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