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Motorized Retractable Awning For Outdoor Restaurant- Project From Palau

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Retractable Awning

Motorized outdoor gazebo awning, a very good experience to offer on-site technical support in Palau island country.

After a long about 9 hours flight from Macau to palau, client has ready the hotel and his own restaurant, a traditional place near the ocean.

Opening Roof For Outdoor Restaurant

At the second floor of the restaurant, there is a outdoor gazebo space where is good to view the ocean in eyes, but sunlight is hot directly harmful the skin. That why need a retractable awning to offer the sun-shading, and enjoy seeing the stars at night.

Seaside Shade Awning

Day 1: Arrived at night. Enjoy the side seeing and take a good rest.

Day2: Start to build the restaurant awning up, there are 4 peoples. Stand up the wood post at the back side, and to fix the beam. Takes while to stand the wood posts as the exact area need to remove some barrier. Translator is stand by and guide the workers work step by step. Almost fix the structures.

Day3: Install the pvc roof of Motorize Pavilion, and adjust the motor and right positions of roof. Testing the lights. And double checked all things are workable.

Day4: Owner start to entertain the clients, very good for customers enjoy it.

Aluminum Gazebo awning is beautiful, enjoy the ocean and awning. Worth it!

Aluminum Retractable Awning