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The Application of Louver Windows

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Louver Window

Louver frame windows, as we all know, elegant and economic, so it has widely application in modern decoration industry.

This glass window structure, normally is made into rectangular shape, while the maximum width of one section is suggested to be within 800mm and the tallest size is the height of one floor of building. But it can be combined into a whole glass gallery wall.

The most normal site for application of louver window design is bathroom, guestroom, kitchen and bedroom, where need very good fresh air ventilation. It has a long term to exist in people’s living environment, never out of time. While some builders will use glass louver window to decorate the public projects, the passenger, street, public garden and so on.

So if your house needs some windows, you can try glass sash window, you will not regret it.

Glass Louvre Window Wall Cladding


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