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AlunoTec Motorized Retractable Awning

Views: 10000     Author:     Publish Time: 2021-03-11      Origin: Inquire

O-PVC (127)

The adjustable awning not only has a large shading area, but also can be flexible and telescopic at any time, retractable freely, they can also be built independently, or to do wall-mounted to save cost.

Material specification: the fabric is an outdoor shading fabric, there are two colors, white and beige, available for selection, made of chemical fiber, after special processing, ultraviolet radiation resistance, better waterproof, smooth surface structure and good air permeability, aluminum alloy track.

Technical requirements: It is suggested that the width of single-width should not be greater than 4.5m and the tensile length should not be greater than 12m.

Control mode: electric optional, can be combined with the remote controller.

O-PVC (113)