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My Motorized Awning Restaurant

Views: 10031     Author:     Publish Time: 2021-01-22      Origin: Inquire

O-PVC (167)

Welcome all of you to visit my motorized restaurant, let me show you the function of it.

1.Here is the remote control machine, you could use it to control the retractable awning roof, and stop it at any position you need. If you want to enjoy the sunlight at day or see the sky at night. Just clip this up button, then the fabric will move and get together.

2.Here is the side screen, it is a very useful part for my restaurant, when it is a rainy day, it can block the rain outside. And also it can stop at any level you want, it is visible to see outside through.

3.With the fantasy LED light, I chose the warm color, it provides a romantic environment inside, many clients, especially the couples or lovers in the valentine’s day, they all love to come here to enjoy their dinner.

All in all, I love my motorized awning restaurant!

O-PVC (169)