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Wonderful Retractable Pvc Awning Cover

Views: 10010     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-02-05      Origin: Site Inquire

O-PVC (120)

A wonderful retractable PVC awning cover can be used as a restaurant covering, or it can use as a swimming pool shelter, patio cover, carport...

How to choose a good retractable awning, here are the advantages of AlunoTec PVC awning as following:

1)The aluminum alloy frame material does not get rust easily.

2)The fabric roof can block sunlight and waterproof effectively.

3)There is a reinforcing beam design for the rail and post profile.

4)We provide 5 years warranty for the fabric shelter.

5)IP65 motor with hidden design for better outside looking.

AlunoTec has done a lot of good jobs in many countries for almost 10 years, so come to select the retractable awning for your house!

O-PVC (119)