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Aluminum Pergola-AlunoTec ( Pergola, Outdoor Pergola, Outdoor Canopy, Retractable Awning, Patio Canopy )
Aluminum Pergola-AlunoTec ( Pergola, Outdoor Pergola, Outdoor Canopy, Retractable Awning, Patio Canopy )
Aluminum Pergola-AlunoTec ( Pergola, Outdoor Pergola, Outdoor Canopy, Retractable Awning, Patio Canopy )


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AlunoTec is a leading Outdoor Living company with a business scope covering 150+ countries, we offer plans for designers, builders, and end-users and are equipped with a strong production capacity of a 20000㎡ factory.Our large product range covers Pergolas, Gazebos, Zip Screens, Retractable Roofs, Patio Canopies, Slat Fencing, Umbrellas, and Outdoor Furniture which are widely used commercially and residentially.

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Hot Sale Customized Modern Pergola
Pergo-LUX is AlunoTec's latest design Waterproof Operable Pergola System which boasts a modern and sleek look. It‘s a combination between Pergola and Horizontal Louver Roof which is completely made of aluminum and allows light and breeze when open. Using an electric Motorized Louver system and aluminum extrusions Specially designed, the louver blades of the Aluminum Pergola are closed completely to prevent sunlight and rain. The heavy-duty internal accessories ensure the whole system withstands severe climatic changes and winds of up to 180-220Km/h. Side Awning, Led light and warner are available.
MOQ: 1 Piece    Sizes: DIY Customized   Delivery: Door to Door is Available 

Outdoor Waterproof

AlunoTec Motorized & Manual Blinds is a facade sunshade system with the ideal function of wind resistance. It integrates the zipper system and roller motor, providing comprehensive wind protection. The semi-blackout fabric can not only offer sun protection ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature, but also effectively avoid mosquito infestation.
Standard Sizes Outdoor Pergola for Wholesale
Motorized/Manual Aluminum Pergo-ECO is AlunoTec’s special design for wholesalers, also known as Opening Roofs, normally used for keeping the outdoor living weatherproof. Pergo-ECO services are designed to be low cost and can be easily assembled by consumers DIY. 
MOQ:  A 20GP Container    Sizes: 3*3m 3*4m 3*5m 6*3m 6*4m 
Pergola Optionals

​​​​Our side elements add a unique touch to your pergola, provide extra privacy and protect you from whatever the weather throws. You can find literally everything in our wide range of options for adding a cozy touch to your pergola. You can choose atmospheric LED Lighting, Zip Screen, Frameless Sliding Door, Aluminum/WPC Fence, Ceiling Fan, or an integrated Heating System and enjoy your canopy with all your senses!
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