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Aluminum Pergola for Your Back Yard

Views: 10014     Author:     Publish Time: 2021-01-08      Origin: Inquire

In March this year, a customer of a French wine distributor came to us and he gave us a hand-drawn drawing of Bioclimatic Pergola with French. 

After several rounds of communication, we finally determined the size and style, as well as the color. After our designer made the drawings and sent them to the customer, the customer pointed out that the installation site was uneven, so he asked us whether the height of the front and back columns could be different. Then we adjusted the height of the columns according to the customer's requirements. The customer was satisfied and paid.

This is a picture of the Aluminium Pergola after installation. Very Nice. Right? I think so.

So this is a good Electric pergola for your back yard!