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What Makes A Louver Window?

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Louvre Frame

As one of the most economic window design, louver window has very simple structure, but this is not a limit to louver window design. Normally a louver window is with outer window frame, louver frame accessories and sashes. Outer window frame can be made by aluminum structure, steel structure or wooden frame structure, as long as the inner surface is flat to install the louver frame accessories. Louver frame accessories have many models available, so to meet the needs of installing different sash thickness and materials. Sash is commonly in glass blade, while people also DIY wood blade or PVC blade as need.

Just occasionally people will install the louver frame to flat wall directly, as long as to do the waterproof jobs well.

Louver glass window is used as partition, gallery a lot, mainly for air-ventilation and decoration. So if your house needs some windows, you can consider glass sash window which is very elegant and cost-saving.  

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